Kennedy Western - Warren National University

Kennedy Western - Warren National University Review

Report Filed: Kennedy Western – Warren National University They scammed me into paying up front then stole my tuition!!! Cheyenne Wyoming!!

I enrolled in the program and was about to start my first class when we had something happen in our family so I delayed starting my class but had already set up the loan. I check back awhile later and see that they are dropping my degree. I asked for a refund but they said since it was past 270 days that they couldn’t give it. So using that logic, if someone had started the degree 271 days prior then they wouldn’t even have the 18 months they say you could finish in. Well after fighting with Martha for a month in emails I finally just asked since I had already paid if I could just get a different degree and she agreed and said counselors would contact me. Shortly after that I see that they are no longer accepting students. So they decided to keep my money and not accept me. If anyone has a clue what to do please tell me. I am $8000 in the hole without doing anything but doing a practice test in a class they don’t even offer anymore. Don Grandville, MichiganU.S.A.

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