Kevin Connelly A Alert exterminating

Kevin Connelly A Alert exterminating Review

Report Filed: Kevin Connelly A Alert exterminating Damaged my house and left Chicago Illinois!!

An employee came to my house to do a routine extermination of rodents. When he went into my attic he fell through my ceiling. I’m assuming lack of training from management/owners let this happen. Any individual with common sense, let alone a company providing a service such as this should know the proper technique to move in an attic. Moving on, he fell through my ceiling sending debri, dirt, insulation and dust throughout my living room. My carpets were ruined and well as my cloth couch. Not to mention the huge hole in my ceiling! The dust spread throughout the entire area and surrounding rooms, it was an absolute nightmare. To make matters worse we had a 5 month old at this time. The employee stood there for a minute and said, “well I’m going to go check outside”” and exited the house. We were left with an unbelievable mess

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