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Kickstart My Ads Review

Report Filed: Kickstart My Ads Will lie about getting a refund if you are unsatisfied Beverly Hills California!!

This company assured me that if I was not happy at any point in the process I would get a full refund. I asked specifically, what if by the end of this, I have absolutely zero backers? Can I get at least a partial refund for the money that was not put into the facebook ad? He assured me yes over and over, question after question, I would get a refund. It was all a complete lie. A week hadn’t even gone by and without one single backer I decided it wasn’t doing well and wanted a refund. I asked for them to immediately stop the facebook ad and refund whatever money was left over. He said I couldn’t get a refund once I agreed to the “sample ad”” he sent me over email which was very lame anyway. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they knew a special ad group that was better to target than just the local people around me. Please don’t use this company. They will rip you off

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