Kiwi Kraze Canada

Kiwi Kraze Canada Review

Report Filed: Kiwi Kraze Canada / Ari Psihopedas and Mark Weibe DO NOT BUY A KIWI FRANCHISE -It is a sham and you will lose your money London, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Burlington Ontario, Quebec!!

Kiwi Kraze franchise business operated by Ari Psisopedas from Toronto and Mark Weibe from London, Ontario is nothing to buy into. You will lose your money, your home, your dignity and hundreds of thousands of dollars! The two talk about how much money the franchises are making. Fact is, none of their franchises are making money, not even the flagship store owned by Mark in London! Franchisees refuse to talk numbers and money. Why, because they are all bleeding money and lots of it. Ask them for audited statements to prove what they are saying and they cannot produce them! Ask any of the current owners to see their books and they refuse. This is the red flag. Their product is also not what they claim. It is not fat free or even close. It is the same crap you can buy in any ice cream shop and taste not so good. You will be be spending almost 500,000 dollars although they will tell you it is about 300,000 and after opening you will be making less than a couple of hundred of dollars a day. Plus, they will provide NO ongoing support and say it’s because you are not following the system. There is no system! DO NOT BUY A KIWI KRAZE FRANCHISE. You will be sorry if you do!!!

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