Kucsan and McCrea APLC

Kucsan and McCrea APLC Review

Report Filed: Kucsan and McCrea APLC Loan Modification Costa Mesa, California!!

Contact these people with 100% belief they were going to help me. I clearly asked if they were able to stop the foreclosure of my home, and they said YES. Clearly stated to me, we will refund you if we can not offer a loan modification. I signed my life away, gave them $3000!!! Not only could they not get me on a loan mod, they were not able to stop foreclosure. They only reason my foreclosure was postponed once, is because, I myself was working on the loan! Not these people! After my home was foreclosed, they said they could get cash for keys. Cash for keys??!?! Well I lost the keys, but got no cash. Asked for a refund, they stated I signed paperwork where it states no refunds. Bottom line, they did nothing. Some lowly secretary, possibly a high school graduate, is the only person I talked to. After submitting my money that is. Before that, I was able to talk to a higher up, once my money was taken, they sent me to the secretary. Incredible what these people will do. I have no one to blame but myself for being so gullible. Just a quick heads up to anyone coming to these people. Read the fine print, and be weary. No loan mod, forecloses, no cash for keys, out $3000. Once the home went into forclosure, no more answering phone calls, no emials. Done. What a waste.

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