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Report Filed: Lacina Siding & Windows LeafAway Dishonest company known for high prices, shoddy workmanship, and a refusal to honor its warranties. Mankato, Minnesota!!

We hired Lacina’s Siding & Window, Inc. of Mankato, Minnesota, to install a LeafAway gutter system on our house last year. I took a day off from work to be home on the date that Matthew C. Lacina, the company’s owner, set for the installation. No one from Lacina ever showed up, costing me a day’s wages. I contacted Lacina and talked to Tresa Lacina, who re-scheduled the installation. They actually came this time. However, my problems with Lacina were only beginning. They installed the LeafAway gutter systems incorrectly and there are many quality issues. Whenever it rains, water builds up on the wrong end, away from the downspouts, and my gutters now become clogged – even faster than they did before, when I had no covers on them! Some of the gutter guards have come loose due to all the water pressure during rains. The whole system now looks like junk – you can see the haphazard alignment from the street. To add insult to injury, Lacina’s work crew left scraps of plastic and paper wrapping strewn about our yard. Those filthy people can’t even clean up after themselves! I tried contacting Lacina Siding and Window, Inc., several times, to no avail. I left countless messages, but never received a return call from those crooks. I tried both of their business numbers: 507-625-6054 and 507-625-2604. Never a call-back. I even drove to Lacina’s business location on Riverfront Dr. in Mankato, but no one was there. I was beginning to realize that I had been scammed by a fraudulent contractor. I filed a complaint with the BBB, but since Lacina Siding & Window, Inc. is a BBB member, they have a phony “A-“” rating

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