Law Offices of Jordan Diamond

Law Offices of Jordan Diamond Review

Report Filed: Law Offices of Jordan Diamond Jordan Diamond Law Office Jordan Diamond Law Despegar Time Share Law Jordan Diamond Time Share Scam Ripoff Timeshare Scam Fraud Fake Redondo Beach California!!

Time share Scam. A fake attorney calling himself Jordan Diamond in Redondo Beach California will contact you with an amazing offer to purchase your time share for more than its actual value. He claims he is working with the Mexican government. He has tons of information about you, given to him illegally by your time share property. There is no attorney Jordan Diamond in Redondo Beach California. I called the state bar of California fraud Department. He is stealing another attorney’s identity. This person is not real, and he is a criminal. He has scammed innocent people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. His website may look authentic, but he is a fraud. Do a google search for Jordan Diamond Redondo Beach Scame and see all the complaints about him. The address he uses on his website is really a day care center. They have had to deal with this criminal giving out their address. He asks you wire thousands of dollars to his bank account. If you offer to mail a check, he gives you a million reasons why he needs it wired. (That’s because he doesn’t have a real office.) His associaties Anthony Milano and office Manager Ashley are also criminals. Anyone calling to buy your time share at Despegar Canyon , Pueblo Bonito , Monte Cristo Villa , Playa Grande – all fake. MB Realty in Minnesota – fake Collective Trust of the Bank of New York 654 Madison Ave – Fake

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