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Report Filed: Leather Machine Co Steve & David Cobra 4 non functional since day 1. Poor service from company & lied to visa international!!! ontario California!!

Ordered the Cobra 4 with EPS and received it on June 12. Machine did not work. Items were missing from the order Machine table was not properly prepared for EPS even though I paid for that to be done. After a lot of unreturned pnone calls, emails and pictures proving they the table wasn’t properly prepared the Vendor later shipped missing items COD even though the customs & brokerage fees were already paid by me. I paid and vendor later reimbursed me. Machine never worked. Vendor was hard to get in touch with – doesnt return calls. Rude, impatient and a little ‘off’. Machine was never operable. Vendor attempted to talk me through fixing his machine over the phone a couple times. Machine would not stitch properly. Vendor relized that he needed to ship me an additional part. Part arrived 10 days later so I called vendor to have him walk me through process of fixing machine and was rudely told that ‘Need a man’ He told me that I need a man to help me. This comment was due to the fact that the screws on this JUKI clone were overtightened to hold the shuttle in place on this CLONE machine. He of course had no objections to taking the money from a woman but just didnt want to help one fix his machine. So 1 month after receiving the machine ( and 20+ points of contact with the vendor to fix the machine) I contacted VISA to open a dispute and let the vendor know that I had done so. Toronto Dominion Visa advised me not to communicate with the vendor and that they would deal with Visa International. This is documented in my file with them. It has been 4.5 months and the machine is in the same condition as when Steve attempted to walk me through fixing it on July 15 2015. Rather than working through the dispute with VISA they sent a new head COD without my permission. VISA said not to accept as they were going to make them refund the purchase price. Just got a letter today stating that TD visa lost the dispute because the vendor lied and said that they shipped an operable machine. Visa International didnt even take into consideration the 30-40+ pages of evidence that I have to show that they acknowledged in writing that there was a problem with the machine right out of the box. After loosing the dispute, Leather Machine Co was advised to re-charge the amount to my visa for the same amount that the originally charged. The original charge was billed to my account by them in Canadian funds of $4331.89 in June and the exact amount was reversed a couple months later because of the dispute. After the dispute was lost they were instructed to charge the same 4331.89 amount back to my card but instead they chared MORE! The processed a charge of $4543.20 on September 9th. Visa already confirmed that this was wrong and that this vendor actually charged the card in Canadian funds so they cant claim that the system made an error with the exchange rate. So the Leather Machine Company has written to visa that I am stuck with an inoperable machine because I knocked out the timing because I dont know how to use a ‘heavy duty’ sewing machine. They claim that they do not know what condition the machine was in after they shipped it so they are done with this. Too bad for me!!! TD Visa states that I will have to take the vendor to court at this point because Visa International has received word back from the vendor. Buyer beware…

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