Lee Partington

Lee Partington Review

Report Filed: Lee Partington Andrew Partington, Fraudsters-Scammers-Stealing Money by Internet car sales fraud stockport , cheshire cheshire!!

ANDREW PARTINGTON & LEE PARTINGTON, SCAMMERS, CAR THEFT & INTERNET FRAUD They Sell second hand cars on Ebay, their pitch is “This is my fathers car which is surplus to requirments as he is Ill. BUT in reality they are full time second hand car dealers “”SHARKS”” working from home and do this pitch every day. Next step is cancel payment by pay pal and ask for payment by bank transfer. (this builds confidence) The father tells you he is 75 & very ill he ACTS & sounds to sound like a nice Old man but is a Cunning old ex con who lives from Fraud. He trys to make people feel sorry for him and uses his SON LEE PARTINGTON as the bag man. We made Inqiiries and discoverd that Lee Partington he is in the Run now & had to leave Chesire. Andrew partington is still very sharp ripping people off

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