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Les Scwab Tire Review

Report Filed: Les Scwab Tire ripoff, this exemployee knows, had to do it or loose my job. Carson Nevada!!

Ok check this out, was working there for about four months, saw alot of stuff that should have not been done but had to do it or loose my job. People are getting riped off alot at les scwab tire store dont know how the managers get away with it they make $70 to $80 thousand a year and dont give shiz i geuss. But my story is more or less that I know that people are getting taken to the cleaners. Hope to see them get what is comeing to them. The reason for me for going is I didn’t show up for there stupid money making way’s and thats all what they talk about how can we make / take money from the customer and be here tomarrow forget yesterday and lets make money money money for today. We the consumers and employees are getting taken advataged of. And for my last pay check I had to fight for it, they were not going to give to me what I was owed, I had to contact my lawyer to get it, and still had to call the main office in Oregon. You tell me what these people are thinking. Get rich fast and leave the customer to blame for our shortness of money. Oh, and still didn’t get all of my pay check, they still owe me over four hundred dollars but I will never see it, and still paying them money for my tires and if I stop paying them geuss what they do, they come to your house they go on private property and try to get them back, but that didn’t last long with my handy dandy phone call to my lawyer that had called up the tire store and said get your gewns of my clients property and boy did they go bye bye, but there it is again still have to pay them money to keep them off my land. Shane Dayton, NevadaU.S.A.

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