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Report Filed: Man-Trans LLC Shoddy Workmanship, Ripoff Tallahassee Florida!!

Bought a remaned transmission from these people to replace the one I had in my car that had lost use of 5th gear. After several hours of swapping out the transmissions, I took it out to see how it worked. As soon as I started to drive it, I knew something wasn’t right. It chatters. Anytime the torque is reversed thru the transmission, it chatters. It’s fine under load, like accellerating or cruising at speed. But anytime I let off the gas, it chatters. It’s related to the vehicle velocity, not engine speed. I’ve basically narrowed it down to the final drive/spindle as if I disengage the clutch and put the transmission in neutral, it still chatters. At that point, the only thing turning in the trans are whatever is attached to the wheels. I was sent a replacement, but the spindle was slightly oversized in that one as it wouldn’t fit my axles. When I called the company to report it, the only thing they could do was have me return both transmissions and one of my axles so they could figure out what happened. As the vehicle I have is the only one I have and the shipping depot is 60 miles from my home, that’s not practical. Loosing my job because over their faulty product was not part of the plan. So I’m left to fix thier faulty transmission on my own as they don’t contract thru any transmission shops. I spent $700 on a defective transmission and I’ll have to spend an untold amount more to fix it. Grant Columbus, OhioU.S.A.

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