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From the start, Myself and son and daughter set a date to move so that my kids could start school at U of M. I called Marketplace homes worked with a realtor that sent me paper work to fill out, sent it back only to find out they misplaced it, my personal Private stuff. I was asked to send it again, which i did the next day, only to find out the realtor was a rude guy, I was told he was a great guy having a bad day. I started working with a new agent at the office sent her the paper work and was waiting for a call, that, I never received back so I called back just to find out after being told by an agent that my paper work was OK and that my agent went on vacation with out even calling me. I had no choice we had to move from AZ to Michigan school was starting soon. We arrived in Michigan in April 0f 2015. I went with my family to Marketplace homes office in Livonia MI meet with the COO Mark Shaftner that took my paper work and told us he would call us back by the end of the day with an answer he gave me the lock box code to go look at the home inside and out, I asked him knowing the real estate laws that a licensing realtor needed to be with me, as stated in the Michigan Law. Mark Shaftner said no problem and broke the law. I and my family were worried that we were going to be homeless due to Marketplace not doing what they say they would do. I received a call from mark Shaftner the COO of Marketplace Homes, saying we were over approved for the home, that we could move in the next day they only needed to have us sign the paper work and issue them the check needed, as I went to the bank got my money order for the amount they asked for only to find out they over charge me $500.00. I let Mark know about problems with the home. Marketplace Homes also has an F.B page. I made a commit in the feed about the bad service, lies, threats, no repairs being done, no call backs and Mike Kailis, slandered my name putting all out there given out my personal information that was not true. After I copied and pasted to word for proof that he slandered myself, he took down his commits, but, not after, I copied them we will see what the court system will do. The law is clear, they are in BIG TROUBLE. 1. Dirty everything. 2. Home never had a fall clean up. 3. Hot water tank, smelt like rotten eggs in the home, needed new hot water tank 4. Kitchen counters, stains, nicks 5. dishwasher, does not work still, needs new still. 6. drive way has sink hole. 7. broken door handles 8. electrical problems 9. Cable installed improperly, needed to wait 2 months for service. 10. water softener not working, needed new took 3 months to get fixed. 11. septic tank, backed up into home, needed pumped, which i had done. problem lid is smashed and tank is falling apart. Company won’t handle. 12. No handy cap rails, need, I have bad back, just got over brain cancer. 13. I have 2 service dogs, by LAW they can not charge me a pet deposit, what they did charge me 1.5 more in a security deposit. The wost is that Marketplace, let the water tank blow up leaving us with 5 inches of water in the basement destroying my property. All due too Marketplace won’t fix a d**n thing until you are all most Going crazy.. Washing dishes by hand, they won’t replace the dish washer. But they keep taking my money every month. u3000This is a $280,000.00 home per Marketplace. After researching, $140.000 at best. Marketplace Homes, will take your money, put you in a lease and forget about you. They will not fix, call or even answer certified letters sent to them 3 times. The staff sees how the owner and management handle things they don’t so the employees do the same treat you honorable. The problem is that Marketplace offers to home owners that could not sell their home due to problems with the home, bad location, homes that just don’t sell. marketplace takes these people to ” builder partners”” which in reality are just home builders that build homes in the area. marketplace takes these home owners that can’t sell there home

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