martin cadillac, englewood cliffs, nj

martin cadillac, englewood cliffs, nj Review

Report Filed: martin cadillac, englewood cliffs, nj Bad Prodcut, Worse Service englewood cliffs, New Jersey!!

After 1 day out of the Martin Cadillac dealer lot at Englewood Cliffs, NJ, I noticed the following problems with my brand new 2010 Cadillac AWD SRX: – Chrome metal piece next to side view mirror falling off – Paint on driver side front door starting to peel off – Carpet under the front passenger seat cut open It has been two weeks since I notified the dealer as well GM customer service of the defects. Despite number of phone calls and e-mails nothing has been done to fix these problems. The dealer has not even set up an appointment for me to brining the vehicle in for a fix. Their excuse? They do not have even a single loaner! Most disappointing in this whole process was the dealer and GM’s lack of follow through and ownership for the problems with the car they sold. After so many mail messages and phone calls, I have given up on them fixing the defects in a timely manner if at all. I am at their mercy and all I could do now is for the dealer to find time to help me which has been very clear to me that (helping its customer) is neither the dealer nor GM’s priority. Not after they sold the car. If you are looking for a quality product and service, my advice is for you to drive past very fast Martin Cadillac in Englewood Cliff, NJ. Whether it is giving back refund for your deposit, fixing defects on your brand new car that is one day old or standing by their products and service, do not count Martin Cadillac or GM. By the way, while filing my complaint to Better Business Bureau, I have learned the BBB has rated Martin Cadillac F, the lowest rating possible given to any business. Apparently there are many consumer out there wronged by this dealer and Cadillac.

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