Maryanne Redman - Town of Gilber Code Inspector

Maryanne Redman - Town of Gilber Code Inspector Review

Report Filed: Maryanne Redman – Town of Gilber Code Inspector Very Rude, disrespectful, pushy, arrogant, liar, misinformed and uneducated city worker Gilbert, Arizona!!

I own a business in Gilbert and I recently moved back to take over the operation at this store location. I get a visit the first day from a Maryanne Redman who is a Code Inspector. She tells me my signs are not in compliance and to get them moved or they will be confiscated and a criminal charge given to me. I asked which signs and what is the exact problem? This unpleasant and disrespectful person throws a brochure on my counter and says red the rules. She looks at me with these two huge googley eyes and then walks off. I called after he because I dont know what signs or where she is talking about. She keeps walking. I follow to her truck. She gets in locks the door, wont roll down window. Starts vehicle and backs out. I call the main number and ask to speak with her. They transfer me. No answer, no call back after leaving four messages. Either she doesnt know interpersonal communication or customer service. How dare you interrupt my business and then do not follow up with what I need to do. I look across the street and all I see is illegal signs, weeds and more signs. Been there for over 3 weeks and the yard sale has ended 3 weeks ago. Still a political sign on my corner from Dan Doge. Not removed or considered old (his election ended two months ago! Rude, disrespectful, unresponsive, uneven enforcement. I hope someone in authority in Gilbert reads this and responds or fires this unfriendly city worker.

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