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Report Filed: Mcdonalds Restaurants Mcdonalds Restaurants London Ontario TERRIBLE DISGUSTING RUDE ABUSIVE IGNORANT BAD London, Ontario!!

We visited London Mcdonalds and ordred a combo meal. Paying over $8 dollars at Mcdonalds is bad enough but when the food comes and it downright disgusting. What was wrong you ask? The Big Macs bun was covered in oil fat a grease, as if someone with dirty hands dropped the bun on the floor picked it up and put it back on the sandwich. The food temperature was garbage warm. and if Health Canada was in there, they would shut them down. The coffee was colder than sidewalk urine to be polite. Were lost for words how you can serve cold coffee. We might understand the food, sitting around but the coffee? sorry no excuses here especially when they spent millions of dollars telling people how great they are. But the icing on the cake is dealing with the OBESE manager their, typical fat grumpy attitude who never took the time to show any kindness or compassion, let alone explanation. No she was just ready to replace the order with her grumpy attitude which left us feeling like she might even alter the food before packaging so we just left. We were going to call head office she pissed us off so much but we dont need a free big mac and apology letter, we just know this post will reach head office and GOOGLE. Turns our this grumpy fat person after we asked gave us a receipt saying “Youll want to talk to Craig who must the owner making and raking $$ owning this franchise. He was too busy to be there. We called back today

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