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Report Filed: McVan Development McVan Develpment LLC. Faulty products, poor quality workmanship, defective materials, shoddy workmanship, hidden problems bad contractor Chicago, Illinois!!

Consumer’s Original Complaint : I usually don’t submit these reviews but, I feel compelled because if someone else would have provived an opinion on McVan as a builder I may not have decided to purchase this money trap I currently live in. It seems like almost every other week I discover something this company hid from doing a quality job – for instance -my electric is faulty and the lights dim. -THe concrete blocks they placed are crumbling, -there are leaks everywhere on the roof, -the deck they constructed needs to be totally replaced, -the drains leak from one condo to the next, I could go on and on but, I beg you not to continue allowing this man to put up shoddy work, it is guys like Mr. McVan that give contractors a bad name (I am not one in case you are wondering). the funny thing is McVan’s slogan is it pays to know what you’re getting before you buy, the truth is you won’t find everything in the one year warrantee time frame and you will be sorry; at year 4 I know I am! I still have numerous questions to the inspection on this building and I know for a fact the other tenents of 3354 W. Ogden feel the same. ————————————————– 8/16/10 additional info from consumer: I was asked to reply with a more detailed description regarding retribution for this complaint. What we would like is to first have city and professional electrical, plumbing, Roofing, Strructural inspectors come out to access the dangers and hazards of this building. We would then like McVan Properties to repair if possible those discovered elements. We would like the deck replaced with treated lumber and have those leaks which have damaged the upstairs property repaired, including ceilings and walls. We ould then like the concrete replaced that has crumbleed with concrete that will not fall apart – that is if the building itself is not falling apart. we would like the utilities replaced including the furnace the AC units, and the water heaters. We would like our plumbing and electrical repaired up to standards. Finally, would like to be repaid for all of the unnecessary expenses which we had to pay out to repair items for which we had already paid, including but not limited to unfinished rooms, hallway repairs, added insulation, plumbing corrections, Carbon testing and correction, etc… We have all the required reciepts and professional testimonials to back these repairs. Consumer’s Desired Resolution: Retribution for very poorly done work.We would like a full unbiased inspection of the complete property (at Mc Van Properties expense), have all discovered issues repaired and replaced if possible and if not receive full or prorated refunds for our purchases of these condominiums. We do not believe this is too much to request in that we paid them with good U.S. backed currency for which we did not receive the value of product or services we were made to believe we had. BBB Processing 07/26/2010 web BBB Complaint Received by BBB 08/03/2010 dhh BBB Complaint Judged INVALID – Insufficient Complaint 08/03/2010 Otto EMAIL Send notice of INVALID to consumer 08/03/2010 Otto BBB Case Closed as INVALID 08/16/2010 dhh BBB ReOpen the Complaint 08/16/2010 dhh BBB Member or MIP Complaint Validated by BBB Operator 08/16/2010 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer 08/16/2010 Otto EMAIL Inform MIP Member of Complaint 08/16/2010 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : The building was inspected pre-sale by, McVan Development, the City of Chicago and also by the buyers own licenced inspector and was found to be in compliance with all city codes and with everything in proper working order. The home owner had a 1 year warranty with the purchase of the this condo unit (which is standard for the industry) and never brought 1 single issue to the attention of McVan Development during that year. We came back several times outside the warranty to take care of issues for other buyers within the building and we also did repairs outside the warranty to several things that were brought to our attention within the common areas. It has now been 4 years since this unit was sold. During past few years we have had requests to refinish hard wood floors that were worn and scratched by their owners, replace rooftop decking that has weathered do to lack of maintenance, re-pour parking areas that were damaged by salt, replace parking blocks that were broke by moving trucks and repair glass blocks damaged by vandels. This is not and never will be a maintenance free building. There will always be maintenance issues for the condo association to deal with. We have in the past made many repairs that went far beyond what was required by the warranty. We have made every effort to resolve all reasonable requests when brought to our attention. Now it is 4 years down the road and the buyers must take responsibility for the maintenance of the building and must quick looking to us as the scapegoat for their unwillingness to take responsibility for their building collectively. Furnaces need to have the filters changed. AC units need to be covered in the winter and cleaned each spring. Wood rooftop decks need to be sealed. Concrete needs to be free of corrosive salt etc. etc. 08/17/2010 OttO EMAIL Forward Business Response to Consumer 08/17/2010 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) To the point of a licensed inspector we were all first time home buyers, we had city inspectors actually come after the building was fully inhabited and tell us that we should not be living here until certain inspections are done and subsequently we were forced to make appointments to get the inspections done. As far as leaving it to us to discover all of the issues within a 1 year time frame, we brought several issues up and consistently were met only by a single guy named Matt to come out and do the repairs; this guy while eager was some relative of Mc Van and certainly not a satisfactory substitution to the problems in which we all (3 condo owners) had from the time of purchase. As far as the outside of warrantee we did have some short period of consideration but were in the position to accept anything the builder was willing to consider and were better served by not complaining about continuous subpar performance for even further abatement of the problems we had with the property. From my recollection I will address some of the continued and preposterous lies the editor of this response has presented, because it is nothing new to Mc Van’s willingness to add insult to injury. The wood floors were buckling because there was not room for them to expand and contract, this is why they were replaced in the first two units (I’m sure the tenants can give a full account on this) as far as scratches, they are wood floors and scratches happen but you wouldn’t need to replace flooring for scratches which McVan did as resolution – also to this point I remember McVan saying the tenants should wait until the summer because of the weather factors of expansion and contraction before they repaired this item (keep in mind the 1 year clock is ticking while they wait). The wood on the rooftop was left untreated by Mc Van for an entire winter season and prior to the building being completely inhabited, which may have caused issue. The wood on the deck bucked similar to the flooring in the condos and seems like an apparent pattern of not poor workmanship. As for salt being used on the property, this is an outright fabrication because we have never used one sprinkle of salt anywhere aon any concrete surface for the sake of avoiding corrosive materials; I beg anyone to come test the area for any Sodium chloride compound. With regards to the block glass, this was broken prior to the first tenant moving in and way in advance of later tenants, which at that time, McVan still owned the majority of the building; we were instructed to report it to our insurance agent as resolution – keep in mind we were not given an exact decree by Mc Van Development until we had little time remaining in that 1 year grace period, kept making us think they were considering it (according to McVan’s front man – a 20 something relative). One more comment on the parking blocks being destroyed by moving trucks, there are no moving trucks that could have made it into this gated area, at least of which would have had the weight to destroy these blocks. These parking blocks have virtually crumbled, something I fear is the fate of the other concrete structures including the building. It may have been 4 years but, this has been a nightmare of a property for the entire time, more a fact of having nowhere to turn than being satisfied and just now complaining. Just for the record we are not looking for a scapegoat however, I would like our official complaint registered with the BBB because I believe this type of callous and deceptive building practice should be evident to those which look before they leap. If there was a complaint on file for Mc Van at the time I purchased I may have avoided a very costly and undesired mistake. I don’t expect anything form Mc Van because that is the way they do business. The funniest thing about this is their advertisement ”It Pays to know what you get before you buy” presumably to lend credence to their honest approach to Home buying; I’ll tell you the only one that can possible laugh here are the people who aren’t paying for the shortcuts. 08/18/2010 dmm EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business 08/18/2010 WEB BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS’ RESPONSE TO REBUTTAL : It is not uncommon that for the sake of not postponing the closing for the buyers and risking the expiration of their loan rate and loan approval, that some inspections may be completed at a later date by mutual agreement of both the buyers and sellers attorney at closing, which was in fact the case. These inspection however untimely or inconvenient for the home owners, ultimately yielded no problems with the unit or building respectively. Matt Byrne was the superintendent for McVan. He did all the repairs as requested whether within the scope of the warranty or outside the scope of the warranty. Weather he was young or a relative of an owner of McVan is irrelevant to his purpose, which was to repair warrantied and non warrantied items brought to McVan’s attention and directed by his supervisors. Not complaining while McVan is offering additional considerations for issues outside the scope of the warranty seems to make sense especially if in the home owners own admission that McVan was responding in good faith. McVan is not sure what lies The home owner is speaking of or why they would say that this was continuous with McVan, since this is the first communication McVan has received from them in over 3 years. Wood floors do not require room. Each board is nailed to the floor individually. The humidifier on the furnace is to help alleviate the natural expansion of wood floors during the winter months when the unit has low humidity levels due to the extended use of the furnace. If the humidifier is not properly adjusted during winter months the floors can expand considerably. McVan never replaced any floors in any other units. McVan simply re-sanded and re-finished those floors in good faith after 2 years had already passed. McVan came back in good faith and replaced all of the weathered boards and completely stained and sealed the entire rooftop deck long after all tenants had moved in and well after the expiration of the warranty even though weathering or warping wood is not covered under the warranty . While I can not a test to the use of salt on the parking area. After an inspection of the parking area the damage viewed is consistent with the use of corrosive salt. Which is the same reason the parking blocks are eroding along with the fact that they were cracked by cars or light trucks rolling over the top of them long after the delivery of all units to their respective owners. As first time home buyers it is evident that the home owners were under the impression that the property was maintenance free and that they were not prepared for the rigors of collective home/building ownership of a condo building and have now, 4 years after the fact (numerous inspections, warranties and good faith considerations)decided that the overwhelming task of maintenance is somehow McVan’s fault. In closing this complaint seems to be motivated more by the frustrations of home ownership than it really does about problems that have been encountered by the home owner. It seems a little ironic that this would be the first time that McVan has received any written communication from this home owner ever and that it would come 4 years after the sale of the unit. I think the fact that the home owner doesn’t expect anything from McVan is a testament to the fact that there are no real issues that would reflect the terms deceptive or short cuts and no real problems other than typical maintenance issue’s that all home owners of multi-unit condo buildings must deal with. 08/19/2010 dmm EMAIL Send Business’ Response to Rebuttal 08/22/2010 WEB BBB CONSUMER REJECTS BUSINESS’ RESPONSE TO REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) A very professional written letter by McVan and the name Daniel Quinn of the McVan’s legal team comes to mind. Look, we could address this attempt to redirect guilt in any number of ways but, the simple facts are there are numerous issues wrong with this building which, counter to what this author, are NOT common with a property of 4 years. We have had to have numerous and costly inspections from the Gas Company and fire departments in testing for carbon monoxide leaks which were found and had to be completely replaced. We have had plumbers come out where drain pipes in the shower stalls were leaking into condos below. Keep in mind that there are three condo units all of which are experiencing this; On inspection of the drains a licensed plumber displayed the problem as sealer being used where lead soldering should have been used; I personally watched the work being done to correct the problem the plumber’s comments after the repair ”whoever did this should be shot”. With regards to Matt Byrne, a Superintendent, really? What license or certifications do you need for that? When I met Matt the first time he was doing cleanup and scrubbing grout from our toilet. The fact here is that on an estimated 90% of the things we were complaining about (which I am positive I can resurrect a list of) were handled by this young, McVan branded Superintendent. The excuses for these issues which were chosen to address here are ridiculous mumbo Jumbo. The wood was sanded down to correct the problem of expansion, this is the movement I was discussing and using as an example of how the poor quality of wood installation by McVan’s team needed to be corrected as a point on the problems we were having with the deck. Speaking on the deck, it was treated as I pointed out after being unsealed for an entire winter and while still the property of McVan. Why is the roof leaking after 4 years and has been the entire time, could it be the quality installation of the deck, hmmm. The concrete blocks, there is another good one. There was no salt as I’ve mentioned, EVER, used on this property and the light truck theory driving over them – the blck which offers the best example of deterioration of the concrete has a concrete block wall (for the garbage bin) directly behind it – less than one foot my point a small truck bumper would hit it well before its front wheel could roll over and damage it. I could go on and on about the issues related to this subpar builder and my experiences with this property but my efforts here are not because I expect McVan to do anything about them. I have, as well as, 2 other condo owners – 100% of this building the poor business practices of this builder. I am not asking for anything because I would be relieved of my senses to disregard the past actions of McVan and his willingness to make excuses, take short cuts and under value his customers. I am attempting to post this complaint for all to read that may benefit from mine and the other owners of this building – That Is All. I am a frustrated purchaser of a McVan property not one of a Homeowner. Oh and for the record, all of us in this building work very hard and even in poor economic times continue to stay current with mortgages and bills, so I would be remiss not to mention that your accusation that we bought these places and then turned into negligent and destructive home dwellers is impossible and just plain untrue. Finally, I will continue to write and talk to whichever boards, politicians and websites so I eagerly await your reply. 10/05/2010 dmm EMAIL Arbitration Information Letter to Consumer

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