Merchants' Credit Guide - Ken Hughes

Merchants' Credit Guide - Ken Hughes Review

Report Filed: Merchants’ Credit Guide – Ken Hughes fraudulant billing from over 12 years ago RIPOFF Chicago Illinois!!

I received a letter in the mail on Saturday addressed to my husband stating that he owed $1,193.23 with the original creditor name of Verizon/GTE and the Client name of NCO Portfolio Management, Inc. It gave three options of how to pay, a place on the back of the letter for my credit card info and an envelope to send it back in! He hasn’t had a Verizon or GTE account since 1993 and never owed that much when he did have them. This is a scam and these people need to be stopped! I couldn’t believe all the entries on this site already with this guy’s name on it! Why hasn’t he been stopped? I found it interesting that the phone number on our letter was (888) 249-1035 – similar but a little bit different than the others listed here. I looked up Merchants’ Credit Guide Co. under the American Collectors Association website as it was stated on my letter that they are a Member. They were listed as a member but the address had a Suite No. behind the address and the phone number was different. It’s a shame if Merchants’ Credit Guide Co. is a legitimate business and is being given a bad name by this jerk! I tried calling the number on my letter today to find out what this was about and it just asked for a mailbox # and every time I tried to call and enter a any number it would just cut off. I did finally get a hold of someone after looking through the fine print on the privacy notice information on the second page included in the letter and was connected to 5 different people before I finally got one who asked for the file number on the letter. When I told him the file # he said he didn’t have anything that matched that and asked for my social security number. I told him I wasn’t going to give him my social security number as I didn’t know if this was a legitimate company and he got mad and said “you called me!”” Yea

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