Miami Cars International, Inc.

Miami Cars International, Inc. Review

Report Filed: Miami Cars International, Inc. DISHONESTY DECEPTIVE SALES Miami Florida!!

June 2014, Miami cars on 27th Avenue in Miami are complete dishonest typical used car dealers. Lied and hid facts of branded title regarding completely totaled and rebuilt, bought and has not been running since a week after purchase, BMW looked at the car and will not do any work on it whatsoever. Be wary, showed fake carfax to my son to sell this BMW to him, lied to me about no carfax available due to internet was down, then told me he was caught using personal version at his business and he didn’t want to pay the price for a business account. That should have slammed my brakes on immediately but my son was buying his first car and fell in love with the pretty car that now won’t run and dealer responds to no calls or contact.

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