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Microsoft Rewards Search Review

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Microsoft Rewards recently replaced Bing Rewards. The basic premise is gaining points via searches, and cashing in those points for various gift cards from Amazon, X Box Live, etc. While doing searches, I noticed the number of points I had rapidly changing. For example, I started searching with 1151 points. If I did 15 more searches, I’d get another 150 points, which adds up to 1301 points. While searching, I noticed my points had gone from 1151 to 1025, then back to 1100, then back to 1050. When I was done, I had 1146, 5 points less than what I started with. When I refreshed the page, the number was at 1226, then 1281. Microsoft is stealing points from their users for no reason at all. They get you to search and click, then won’t fully reward you. Very shady business practices.

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