Mikko Yamaguchi

Mikko Yamaguchi Review

Report Filed: Mikko Yamaguchi Sushi-Mee Liar and cheat Miami Florida!!

Mikko responded to the first report some guy filed by smearing this guy’s name. I know first hand about Mikko. The link he provided was probably just some news report he found that has a guy by the same name. I know first hand that Mikko is a liar and should be charged with grand theft. He ran a sushi restaurant in Miami called Sushi-Mee. He operated it out of another restaurant and fleed the scene when he was caught cheating the owners out of a lot of money. He not only owes the restaurant money but lots of other people too. He just closed down his restaurant and left. Mikko is not only cheating local and stealing from local biz ownera but also lots of patrons – he ran a bunch of Groupons right before he closed down. I hope he’s reading this – shame on you! You’re a liar, theif and coward. Beware any restaurant owner if Mikko applies to work for you!

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