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Report Filed: MoMetrix LLC Mo-Media Deceptive product discription. Beumont Texas!!

I am studying preparing for the Medical Surgical Certification test and went online to find material that would help me study for this exam. The MoMetrix system uses flash cards, which I have used in the past when I have prepared for a test. What I received in the mail was a sheath of papers that you have to seperate 250 cards along perforated lines. None of the material is organized so that you can put the cards in any sort of order according to catagory. The print is so small and jammed together, that even with glasses on your eyes hurt after just a short time of looking at it. You cannot study for long without getting a headache. I think flashcards is a good idea, but I believe this company is out to bilk the public with a poor quality product for a large sum of money. After shipping and taxes I paid over $50.00. There is no phone number in which you may call and speak to somone, there is only a customer support email. I have requested my money back, but have a feeling this will be met with resistence. We’ll see.

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