Motor Car Concepts II

Motor Car Concepts II Review

Report Filed: Motor Car Concepts II i was ripped off by motor car concepts on west colonial and now there buisness is closed down. Orlando Florida!!

I was trying to get a car with motor car concepts after my husband passed away in a car accident, i was first told that they could not help me to much them they put me in a honda accord 2003 with 172.000 miles, the car lasted 3 days ond broke down, it had no power or anything they said it had to do with the alarm system i know a little bit more about cars than that. They had to get it towed and could not fix the problem so them they put me in something else that was a better year better miles i was happy, then come to find out i was told to but down 2,000 so i came in with cash then because od insurance i had to give another 500.00 which was suppose to go towards my car insurance. well the car insurance company took 400.00 out of my account so technically that money should have been given back to me or put towards my downpayment i assumed it did because i had a receipt for the 2500, then i was getting phone calls everyother day asking me to more money down so i gave a total of 3990.00 down for this car, come to find out the salesman got fired, and they only showed i put 2,000 down on my car. and i also was charged 200.00 for my tag transfer and they did not even transfer my tags, the also has the roters messed up they were suppose to fix that. i also need a new contract because the one i have has no information on it. I was told my another saledman that they will do an internal investingation, he called the next day to find out how much i had give the salesman, and was so surprised. now days go by i hear nothing from anybody and i decide to call a few days later and to my surprise there office has been closed down. i called all the other office kirkman office , and longwood office and all i get is i am sorry i can’t help you. never again. Noface orlando, FloridaU.S.A.

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