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Report Filed: Musgrave Equipment Co. Tried to Gouge me goldsboro, North Carolina!!

I was just browsing this site and found Musgrave Equipment, which automatically reminded me what they tried to pull. Several years ago, I bought a @$4,000.00 dump trailer. A couple years later the lift failed, so I took it in for them to look at and let me know what it would cost to get it working right again. They took it in the shop and decided that the motor had to be replaced. They said that it would cost $600.00 plus shipping and that didn’t include labor. I didn’t ask as that was more than I could afford at that time and I would just make do. When I left they charged me $35.00 for looking at it. When I left, I went up 581 to Luke’s shop, who is very good with electrical work on vehicles. He looked at it and fixed it for $65.00 20 minutes. It still works fine today. I went back to Musgrave’s and asked told the owner that his people back there were either very stupid or crooked. Either way they didn’t deserve to work there. He was defensive and denied it. He said that he would send me a check refunding the $35.00 charge for inspecting it. I waited several weeks and checked back, and again was promised a refund check. That was @ 6 years ago. I’ve had to go back (sent a friend) to buy a hard to find small item such as bearings etc. But I buy all my big ticket items at a little place in Faison. It’s a little bit of a drive, but I feel a lot better about not giving them any more business than I can. I also OWN the rights to this story and tell it every chance I get.

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