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Report Filed: my millionaire mentor ryan mathews they are a scam!!! first, they guarantee you $500.00 if you watch a video… you never get it thats false advertising. then, they ask for $49.00 to get started and declare you will make money. But then, they require more and more from you, you never get responses from them… they take your money and get rich. causes pain and suffering and stealing!!! i call for a class action lawsuit!!!! richmond Virginia!!

the internet scam my millionaire mentor has caused irrevocable harm to many. First, they tell you they guarantee you $500.00 after you watch a video… you never recieve it. Then, they ask for $49.00 to begin. They want you to go to training seminars that do not exist, they want more and more money and you don’t get anything out of the get rich quick scam they pull except mental anguish, theft and fraud!!! then, they contact you via email under [email protected] and when you go to respond, it comes back as faliure to deliver email under the fact that it does not exist! ryan mathews need to pay for the theft, fraud and damage he has caused!!! i call out for a class action lawsuit!!!

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