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Report Filed: MyLeadGroup Francisco Salvat Con Artist, Solar Lead Ripoff WESTLAKE VILLAGE California!!

Approximately 30 days ago, we engaged Francisco Salvat at MyLeadGroup to purchase residential solar leads in the San Diego area. Our company purchased 100 leads to start at 50.00 each, and we were promised delivery within 1-2 days. We received all 100 leads and as we began calling on them we noticed a large percentage of the phone numbers were disconnected or a wrong number. We asked Mr. Salvat why so many leads had disconnected phones and his reply was the web visitor had purposely submitted a bad phone number and there was nothing more he could do, and hung up. I immediately called Mr. Salvat back and was verbally attacked. I have never been yelled at as Mr. Salvat yelled at me. Mr. Salvat used every swear word known, he physically threatened me, and then told me f*** you. I have read the complaints from other solar companies and Iu2019m warning any business owner that dealing with Francisco Salvat and MyLeadGroup for Solar Leads is complete waste of time and money. Stay clear of Francisco Salvat, heu2019s a con-artist. Eli March Southern California Solar

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