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Report Filed: Nader Merhi Instagram @naderbynature Nader Merhi aka @naderbynature is trying to defame and slander Toure Stepanovs 730 Clifton Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013 New jersery!!

Nader Merhi aka @naderbynature is intending to defame and slander Toure Stepanovs. Nader invested with some of Toure associates with money that he stole from his father and his joint account. When the returns were not paid out as expected he has sense went on to to say that Toure robbed him. Truth in the matter is that Nader is scum who robbed his own father and then upon being caught tried to point the finger at Toure. As an accredited investor Nader should have known better. If Nader contacts you via Instagram or any other social media please contact here as a defamation case is soon to be pending

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