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Report Filed: National Retail Supply SCAM Pittsburgh, PA, Pennsylvania!!

In nov 2011 we supposedly ordered thermal paper and credit card cleaning pads. This was not authorized by anyone and apparently when it was fed ex delivered we never recieved this and it was signed by a Cprice which has never even worked here. After being harassed on the phone by them for several months they stopped and turned it over to their collection agency. We didnt here back from anyone at the collection agency until about two weeks ago. They started harassing us and asking for people who havent ever worked here. The collection agency comes up on caller id as a 1-866 number or coporate ofc which has several 1-614 (columbus ohio) numbers. Every time we get a phone call its been a person whos very rude and not helpful. I talked to the person on the phone today for 20 mins trying to figure this out and we were told they would reduce this bill from almost $700 down to $200. I told him we werent paying for this and he was still being very arogant and short tempered and making smart remarks to try and be little me. He said they were going to pursue it in small claims court and i better get myself and attorny. Then he proceeded to hang up on me. Advice needed please!

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