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Report Filed: Nationwide Home Comfort RomanAnthonyshannanevins Ryan Conned me into saying I was getting a Free Furnace And Air conditioning system and water Filtration system markham ontario Nationwide!!

They will Call you and tell you that the ontario power authorities are giving a rebate of 650 CAD $ dollars to who Evers furnace and air conditioning systems are older then 7 years then they will set up an appointment with u to come to your house and pretty much tell you that you will be getting Free Units but you really are not they came to my house the other day and tried to do a presentation with me and do all this math in front of be on how I will be saving so much money and my units will be free if I’m approved so he calls the office and they asked for my en bridge bill and said I’m approved then after signing the documenss he said they will call me and confirm then I realized my sun was talking in the background so the lady on the phone said she was having to call me back then eventually I realized that it was a recorded call and there can’t be any talking in the background because it could be the sales guy telling me to say yes to all the questions . but anyways I agreed to everything stupid enough then he said they will be installing tomorrow I said ok he left after that I did more research on hvac sales and found an article immediately I called and canceled because I also found out that by law you have a 10 day cooling off peiord I was not charged lucky I caught on within those 10 days or I would of bin stuck for a 10 year contract with these scammed Beware of these people hope this article helps and saves you

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