Natuzzi Boca, Glendale Mall,Aventura

Natuzzi Boca, Glendale Mall,Aventura Review

Report Filed: Natuzzi Boca, Glendale Mall,Aventura Fulvio 954-610-4135Joe Mirabello 561-289-4800Natuzzi Customer Service 800-262-9063 I feel sorry for all you people that were cheated from Ensemble Group and Natuzzi ( same owner)He takes the $$ but either delivers damaged or not at all!!

Natuzzi & Ensemble Gruop deliver damaged furnitre or take the money adn they do not deliver at all. Someone should call the atorney general. This is done intentionally and it is illegal to take money and not deliever merchandise.Joe Mirabello is a scammer and I am aledging he is unethical in his business practices. There are many people that have come forward complaining and no resolution. When is this greedy a****** going to stop??His stores will fold and he will loose his investment….unforunately nice people pay the price of him being unetical….

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