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Report Filed: nco financial they took my info social and bank account info and then took money out of my account horsham Pennsylvania!!

I’m trying to get in touch with some one to try and get my money back from taking my identiy and my money from my bank account. I have student loans with everest university they sold my loans to this nco finanical and the told me that if i didnt set up payment arrangements that they would take my tax money to pay off my debt. I gave them my info so they wouldnt do that and now i find out today that they have taken the money anyways and that my school is being envesgasted for fraud in the financial ade department. Im scared that nco finacial is trying to steal my idenity and that they are going to take everything that i have to support my family. I would like to get this taken care of and have my life back if i can. Please call me back and try and help me and try to get this fixed.My name is mary mulberry florida 33860

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