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Neals Transmission Review

Report Filed: Neals Transmission Screwed By Neals Transmissions Columbia, Missouri!!

Be weary of slick Steve he tells you so many lies you don’t know if its fact or fiction unless you call a professional transmission company like Columbia Transmission Repair to get sorted thru the BS. Had my transmission rebuilt by Neals (Supposedly) and one month later had to take it back even tho it had a year warranty and got charged again for a new tourque converter that they failed to replace with the overhaul and also found out they didn’t replace the pan gasket as they said they used a cork gasket and this was a paper gasket which the last transmission company readily identified by name. Neals also told me that the brass shavings was comming from the tourque converter causing the problem so I called the manufacture and they told me sorry no brass parts built into this model. So I have concluded from my personal experiance and pocket book about a grand later that do not take your car to people who lie and cheat and claim to be professionals!!

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