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Network Linosinxe Review

Report Filed: Network Linosinxe Dishonest tactics can’t take an honest review Tampa Florida!!

I used this company for my wedding. I gave a fair honest review on wedding wire. They were on time, the limo was clean, and the driver was kind. The only negative I had to say was the air went out which is a true statement. A year later they dispute my review. Wedding wire has taken down my review until I provide proof I used this company. We paid for their services and now they do this. My mother paid so she is looking for contract/receipt so it can go back up. But now I’m angry because we did use them, paid, and engaged ladies are looking at wedding wire for honest reviews and now I know not to trust. So I’ll be sure to give my review on other sites now due to this dishonest practice. Sorry the truth hurts and this company can’t take knowing their air went out. And my maiden name is LaLonde Network limo if you have trouble finding my account.

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