Neuro Revive of California

Neuro Revive of California Review

Report Filed: Neuro Revive of California Promised relief of my neuropathy if I used their light therapy along with a pill to take,a diet to do,and exercise for my feet. LaMesa, California!!

I went to a seminar on how this space aged technique worked wonders on neuropathy.A doctor supposedly described how this new amazing processed worked and there was a 100 percent money back guaranteed back if you used this light machine and followed a doctor’s advice,who would call evert 2 weeks.I did it for 4 months, took the pills they supplied,talked to a doctor every 2 weeks,did the time frame of lights,did the diet,did the exercises religiously,only for not a bit of comfort.When I contacted them after a little more than 4 months of use,they asked me to return the lights so the could determine the amount of usage of lights.A few weeks go by and I get a written response that said because I had used the lights for medium to heavy use they could not give a refund.Makes no sense.

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