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Report Filed: Nexogy Solollama The Absolute Worst Voip and PBX provider in Miami, Florida!!

I am the owner of a multi-level corporate business and based on a recommendation from a Nexogy Channel Partner representative I decided to trust my business to the voip and pbx services of Nexogy. This was the WORST BUSINESS MISTAKE I have ever made in my life. I have branches of my business in Miami Florida, Tampa Florida, and Dallas Texas. All of these branches rely heavily on communicating with my customers and employees through our telephony systems. First they tried to get me to use old, used cheap equipment that they refurbished. That should have been my first sign. For the initial install of Nexogys systems it took weeks to get a guy out there. That should have been my second sign. Once they finally got everything installed and then up and running it took literally 1 week for their system to break down. When I signed up with Nexogy initially the channel partner that sold me this crap told me NOT to contact the customer service, but to contact him directly. I thought Thats odd, but thats what I did. I left him FIVE messages and he never got back to me. So finally I just ended up calling the customer support line and what a nightmare. I could never get a good connection, was put on hold for over 1 hour and finally when I did get a hold of someone they didnt know a word of English. I asked where their customer service offices were located and the guy told me Lima, Peru. Are you kidding me? I finally asked if they could please just send someone out to fix it and they said they would send someone out right away. Three weeks later and still nobody ever showed up. When someone finally did show up, after over 10 complaining phone calls, they CHARGED ME EXTRA for the service call. And a week later their entire system broke down AGAIN! I lost thousands of dollars in missed calls and communications. The equipment is useless and they held my account and information hostage until I paid their bogus charges. They never responded to my pleas for help and they went after my credit when I disputed the bogus charges. I have never written a complaint about any company ever before, but after the garbage that this company has put me through I feel that it is my civic duty to try to warn potential business owners about Nexogy and who they really are. If you dont mind losing business, losing money and losing your employees respect Nexogy is the way to go.

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