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Report Filed: Northwest Collision Pinemont Auto/TowingOak Forest/Garden Oaks Collision Liars and Frauds! DO NOT GO HERE Houston Texas!!

I flooded my car at the end of June. The tow truck driver said he would take me to Northwest Collision to store and repair my vehicle as they were a good repair shop. I said ok since I couldn’t get a hold of my insurance company. I finally filed my claim. I was told by the representative they would get an adjuster to come out to the repair shop within 48 hrs. I received a call the next week that the adjuster came out and assessed the damages, and it would be three weeks before my car was ready. I called at the end of July and was told it would be a few more weeks. This has gone on for months. I have called this repair shop over 40 times and multiple trips to the repair shop to check on my car, and find out why issues keep arising. I have been told that the engine didnu2019t fit; the transmission didnu2019t fit with the engine, the adjuster needed to be called again, and little things like sensors that still needed to be replaced. Everything they tell me is a lie. When I call they keep telling me it will be done the coming up Friday. I have been told that the last four weeks. I am always told by the manager Whitney that her guys are working on it or waiting for a part. I have talked to the owner / manager Brian Sosa (who also calls himself Robert) that they were working on it. I expressed my concern about the rental fees, since I am only given a certain amount by insurance. He told me that he would cover the rental for me since it is taking so long to repair my car. I made a trip to the repair shop when I reached my limit with my insurance company. Brian called Hertz and gave them a purchase order number while I was standing in front of him, and said that they would pay the remaining balance. When I spoke to Hertz after, I was told this isnu2019t a valid purchase order number, and there is a process to be able to do that with their company. The manager at Hertz went by the body shop to try and get a credit card number to pay for the rental. He was told by Whitney that Brian was busy, and it would be about 30 minutes. He waited in excess of 30 minutes and Brian never came out. He also said after speaking with another manager at a different Hertz location, he found out that they have had issues with this shop before and they donu2019t pay like they are supposed to. Due to the length of time that I had the car with hertz, I had to turn it in. I called the body shop and spoke to Whitney. She said that they have a good relationship with Enterprise, and they would set us up in a rental with them and pay for it. I went to Enterprise and when the manager ran his card for the deposit it was declined. He called and spoke to Brian, and he assured him that the funds were on the card. He waited until the next day and ran the card. It was declined again. Finally, I had to take the car back. I have accrued over $1100.00 in rental charges. I can no longer afford this. I am driving family memberu2019s car temporarily hoping that this can be resolved soon. I have no help from my insurance company at this point. They werenu2019t helpful during this whole time to begin with. They said that they repair shop has been paid and they are done with this claim. I am coming up on 3 months, and I still DO NOT have my vehicle back. I believe that there is fraudulent activity going on with this body shop. Unfortunately, I didnu2019t find out how bad this repair shop was until it was too late. This repair shop has had 6 different names over the years. I am afraid that it wonu2019t even be fixed properly when and if I do get it back. I have read horror stories about it taking months to fix card, and some cars basically being held hostage until more money is paid. This man has done wrong by so many people this has to stop. He needs to be shut down and not be able to open another shop ever again.I sure hope I get my car back soon.

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