ocwen loan servicing llc

ocwen loan servicing llc Review

Report Filed: ocwen loan servicing llc yes it is very hard to get a modification from ocwen. but if you have filled for a modification and you had tryed over and over. then do this call you attorney general office. and if you had a contrac a nightmare in h**l Internet!!

i have been trying to get a w9 from ocwen for 2 weeks. i get the run around. this company is a joke. and you nightmare about this company. i lose some income 2 years ago. and still trying to get a modification and told that they were trying to fine money form some where to help me. one day. the next day you get a letter that said sorry but your loan has very specifie, technical guideline for participating in the goverment’s hamp program and your loan falls outside of the requirements. however, ocwen offers other modifcation options and we are looking at those option for you now. and you don’t here from them no more.

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