Ole Ben Franklin Motors Ted Russell Management,

Ole Ben Franklin Motors Ted Russell Management, Review

Report Filed: Ole Ben Franklin Motors Ted Russell Management, Stealing peoples money and lies Knoxville Tennessee!!

I was basically harassed into buying a car hear they called my house i know 20 times trying to get me to come in and buy a car. Well i finally gave in and took my girlfriend with me to go look at there cars. I finally find a car i liked and of course even though i was told i didn’t need a down payment i did. Typical car lot of course they were more than welling to work out how i could get my down payment to them. further more i asked if i need a co signer at that time my girlfriend was welling to co sign. I am told no and assured i do not need one i am all ready approved. Shortly after i get all of my down payment in early i might add i get a phone call from my car sells man saying i now need a cosigner and that if i don’t get one they would repo the car just so every one is clear a total of six weeks has went by. By this time i no longer have a co signer so i lose my car and they keep my money all 900 dollors. Personally i think they had planed to do something like this from the start iv told a few people about this and its starting to sound like I’m not the only one they have done this way.. In closing i would just like to say its funny that i didn’t need a co signer untell they had gotten all of my money o and lets not forget they have 100% financing guarantee more like guarantee to take you money and run! Brandonp605 Maryville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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