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Report Filed: Omsoftware pte ltd Broke the contract and keep insist us to pay bhopal Madhya Pradesh!!

Raj, Founder of Omsoftware, with his website running I knew him through contacts in Singapore, he travels frequently to Singapore even has a singapore number. Everything starts when we paid air ticket for Raj to meet us in Thailand dated back in 26/04/2017. We paid for his entertainment in Thailand, and to Pattaya. We had a great insight of his team and how the application can be done. Raj also shown us the projects that he did, he promises us that he has the experience to finish up this chat app within 2017 with his talented team members in his company. Everything feels promising after days of discussion in Thailand. The contract is based on 90 days, with 5 payments milestone to finish up on both iOS and Android. 10k USD in total. 1 Milestone1-Upfront Payment & SRS Development , Use Case 0 Days 2500.00 USD 2 Milestone2-After completion of design of the mobile app 15 Days 2500.00 USD 3 Milestone3- Development of Android App & iPhone App (70%) of functionality 40 Days 2500.00 USD 4 Milestone4-Completion of Android App & iOS Apps 25 Days 2500.00 USD 5 Deployment after UAT 10 Days Total 100% 90 Days $10,000.00 We made the first payment of the 12th may 2017, is a upfront payment to start the development, and then everything seems fine with the development of the project as we could see the process given by his team members. Until after the 3rd payment we made, that’s where the problem comes. I’m surprised that their team members, who are handling the project, left the company due to not getting their salary. Raj didnu2019t pay their employee, as a result? Project delayed So Raj delayed our project and build slowly with 1 updates per month, and keep asking for the next payment. And the reason is to pay for his employee to continue the project. Today is 28 October 2018, which he blames us for not paying the next payment. He only continue the project until he received the next payment. Just for the information, he keep insist that we are delaying the payment. Look at the Milestone above: 4th payment is completion of the project Every month we asked how is the project, he said doing very well will able to complete in 2 to 3 weeks. and he asked for payment. Yet he insisted us to pay even he has delayed for 1 year and the current project has reached around 60%. He blame us for holding the payment and therefore couldn’t pay for his company, his entire team who handling the project left the company way keeping us in the dark. We gave him ultimatum, and he reply us this: [4/10/18, 8:41:56 PM] Raj Prog: We need to talk first [4/10/18, 8:44:16 PM] Raj Prog: U threat me and I do the same I can use the code … you spend ut money and time and I have in-house team to push it down … we need to come on a conclusion to get this done on more amicable way Trust has been destroy, false promises given too many times Most of the reviews appear in website or social media in freelancer and facebook are either paid or inhouse review. Date started 12th May 2017 To Date 28th October 2018 Total time spent on development: Result: 534 days/76 weeks & 2 days From a 90days project and become 534days projects and reaches around 60% malfunctioning application. Source code still with Raj Running cost for this project excluding this project: 1. Traveling for finding potential partnership with others 2. 76 weeks of server cost 3. Accommodation and traveling in Thailand for Raj 4. Marketing tools for company 5. Website design What we have received from this projects: 1.None. 2. Raj holding the source code, yet threat us to use the code and to push it down All of this has been down to the drain thanks to Raj from OMsoftware pte ltd We want a FULL refund

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