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Report Filed: Online Cash Commissions Online Cash Institute scam hung up phone lost account information for refund Internet!!

This company sends multiple ads via Internet regarding making money from home. They explain that many well known companies pay individuals for linking their ads on the Internet search pages. They state that you can earn as much or as little as you like depending on the amount of time you put in. The cost of the Program is $97.00 and the ad described that the program will provide all information needed to begin working immediately. Also the program lists a 60 day Refund Guarantee. As soon as I signed up – online – I received confirmation and was directed to the program members’ site. I was given a user name and system generated password. However, I was NEVER able to login because the information would not work. I kept getting a message stating that I had to call a toll-free number to speak with a specialist before doing anything. The specialist advised that the program I signed up for was all self study (how can I expect to make money with only a $97 investment). In fact, they get 3000 – 5000 people a week signing up for this but I HAND PICK 3-5 people of those thousands to work wil closely and teach them how to aggressively make a lot of money. Of course there is additional investment required – but they cannot tell you exactly what that amount is. Instead they ask a lot of questions about your financial status, debt, income, credit card and car payments, etc. When I questioned them about why that information requested – they hung up on me TWO different occasions. I received another phone call from them, and we set up an online appointment for them to explain the additional program information but they did not call at the time set up. I FINALLY obtained their toll free customer service number and called to request a refund of my $97.00. The representative could not find my account informatioin (even though I provided all information from my bank statment about the $97 payment). The representative provided an email address for me to send a request in writing for my refund. I did request the refund and amazingly – the email was undeliverable! I’ve called back several times in an attempt to receive my refund, but am still waiting. I am CONVINCED this is a scam, their are multiple email adds with testimonials floating around out there regarding an easy way to make money. BE CAREFUL and do not lose your money as I did.

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