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Report Filed: OWG Shell selling kerosene even though hose is broken and has multiple leaks Orlando, Florida!!

Dear Sir:On 11/18/2012 I went to the Shell gas station located ot 6203 Old Winter Garden Road, Orlando, Fl. and paid $10,00 for two gallons of kerosene. When I removed the nosel from the pump and began filling up the container, kerosend started spilling from the broked hose. The hose was broken in about three places and even at the conection where the nosel is attached to the rubber hose. Kerosend spilled on my clothes and all my fingers were covered with kerosene.I complained to the clerk and asked for at least $2.00 refund, but even though he acknowledged that the hose was leaking, he refused to give me a refund. I have pictures and the receipt. I had to go home immediately and take a bath and wash my clothers.At this point, since the clerk refused to give me a refund which was less than I lost, I would like to be given a complete refund, and also for the inconvenience of having kerosend spilled over my body and of course on my clothes.Please, I would like to know to whom and to what agency I should complain to as I do want an investigation to be conducted so that this gas station should know that they should not sell fuel from a pump that has a leaking hose. The attendant was very rude and inconsiderate. He informed me that they are aware of the broken hose and have called someone to fix it.Thank you.A. A

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