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Paramount Property Managers Review

Report Filed: Paramount Property Managers Paramount Asset/ Rosa and Anita Stole my Money and locked me out Elizabeth New Jersey!!

i sub leased a store front, later informing Anita who physically came down to the store, the persons I rented from, failed to pay rent, ultimately asking me to take over lease. Rosa from Paramount agreed, had me fill out a credit report, told me I needed a co signer, my daughter cane up and signed the new lease agreement with me. AT which time I gave Rosa a certified bank check as she requested for $2050, with promise to pay balance over time. SHe informed me I couldn’t get the lease until Sergio and Marie, signed it, so I said ok. As weeks go along, I come to my business to open, and Anita was there changing the locks and wouldnt let me in, I pleaded, went to the court house was told the lawyers would speak and help me…instead Rosa came out, trying to get me to give another months rent, plus security deposit and they would waive all fees. I told her no, we are still in October and my rent is paid. She then asked did i want my money back , I said yes, and my clothes out of the store. TO date..I haven’t gotten back my money and the things in my store. Valued at over 13,000 (thirteen thousand). These are a bunch of lying thieves. ..they pass the buck and lie.

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