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Report Filed: Pc Pro Schools Very deceptive and arrogant Minneapolis, Minnesota!!

I recently attended an information meeting at PC Pro. They asked a lot of “character questions”” and then wanted to speak with my wife about my character. WTF? Then this idiot recruiter Justin cannot even remember the answer to a question he asked me 4 times! There were multiple problems from the get-go and yet I went on because this is really what I want to do. I’m really glad I backed out before I signed anything. They are very pushy for a reason: IT COSTS WAY TOO MUCH! The dumb jock recruiter I was working with would not give me an answer when I asked repeatedly about the price. When he finally gave it to me it was more than any number he had said previously. Then he had the gall to think I would be excited about all the grants/scholarships they gave me to bring the price from $29

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