Report Filed: PC TEKNICIANS INC WHICH THEY DIDN’T DO OF COURSE. I called my regualar computer guy to fix the problem which he did & also reassured me that my concern was right. no need to access the computer in order to repair a printer problem. Internet!!

RIP OFF BY PC TEKNICIANS INC – I had a problem with my printer. called HP who reffered me to PC TEKNICIANS INC. they asked for my credit card info for a charge of $199 to repair the problem including one year of service for any kind of problem. I agreed. after giving them the cc info, they wanted access to my computer. at this point I got suspecious and refused the service. why need an access to my computer in order to repair a printer problem??? the technician promissed NOT TO CHARGE my card. guess what? my CARD WAS CHARGED! I disputed the charge w/my cc company but PC sent them a FRAUD REPORT OF REPAIRS TO MY COMPUTER! my technician came the next day to repair the printer and REASSURED ME THAT there was NO NEED to access my computer in order to repair the printer. why would I call my computer guy if PC already repaired it + full year service already paid to them??? PC TEKNICIANS INC are LIARS & THIEVES!!!

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