PCDI / Ashworth Collage

PCDI / Ashworth Collage Review

Report Filed: PCDI / Ashworth Collage Wanted a education and got ripped off! Norcross Georgia!!

Where to begin…I am so disappointed, and I feel so raped of my education. In November of 2006, I made my decision to go to collage and begin my path to a career. I did research on many schools, and Ashworth seemed to be the school for me. They portrayed them selfs as an accredited school, and that students were very important to them. I called them and got my classes set up for the paralegal degree program. I was sent my books, and began my work. Every time I had a question, I called them and it would be at least a 25 to 45 minute wait to talk with someone. Once I got someone, I was not given the help I needed, but was assured that by calling a different number they provided me, was where needed to be to get my questions answered. Every time I called this number, it rang and rang, and then I would get hung up on. This happed I don’t know how many times. I was involved in a car accident, and was out of work and had no source of income, so I called Ashworth to let them know I needed to work out a payment plan with them, or if I could be put on a grievance until I could get my things figured out with that. They told me there was nothing they could do and that I needed to make my payments each month or I would be taken to collections. Two months went by and I tried to make my payments, but I was becoming swallowed my debt with my credit cards so I had to take the punch and I missed a few school payments. When I got a letter in the mail that I needed to pay, or I was going to be taken to collections, I contacted them immediately, and again let them know my situation and again they were very rude and offered no help, and told me flat out that I was going to be taken to collections. So here I am now paying for a school, in my impression, they don’t give a rats a** about helping their students, all they want is the money. Where does this put me…800+ dollars in the whole and no education. When I saw this Ripoff Scams online and started reading some of the complaints, I realized that I had many of the same concerns and issues that others were having. I need to get this resolved, I do want to go to school, and I have a feeling I am not going to get very far (other then farther in debt) with Ashworth collage. There is so many more things to say about this school, I hope this wrought is going to help me regain my right to a education back. Thank you DaLyn Coeur D Alene, IdahoU.S.A.

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