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Report Filed: Perfect Watches Scammed through Western Union Internet!!

October 3, 2018 tried to purchase watches from these guys!!Beware Buyer of these crooks. No one likes a thief. However, buying a replica watch is not all bad if you receive the merchandise. These thieves are located in Sourth Africa, working with China to import replica watches. You will however never receive the watch or any other correspondence after you send the money. There was a company years ago, they were Perfect watches, who used to be really good with sending over the packages. These guys, however, are not the Perfect watch guys as before. You will not receive anything from them but a bad time and ride. There is a lady by the name of Angie, who sends out emails, then the name listed on the account to receive the Western Union is Noxolo Xaba. I am not sure if it is illegal to wear a replica watch, but it is illegal to run internet scams. So I just want to warn many people not to buy these watches from these thieves.

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