Platinum Protection - Monitronics

Platinum Protection - Monitronics Review

Report Filed: Platinum Protection – Monitronics Monitronics This company is a rip off that put a hole in my wall, interrupted email service and refuses to fix the alarm system. Provo, Utah!!

About six weeks ago, I received a call from Platinum Protection agreeing to allow me to keep the Alarm System that I cannot use, if I paid them $1,500.00. I feel the need to let others know about this company.Just over a year ago, a nice salesman came to my door from Platinum Protection. He was personable. He talked with my grandchildren and used their safety to convince me to sign a contract with his company. I would get a $1,500.00 alarm system for free and all I needed to do was pay $30.00/mo.Before I had time to think or read the contract, the installer was at my front door. I was told that the installation would be quick and barely noticeable. All I needed to do was sign the contract and he would begin and get me off to a scheduled birthday party.Well, the first thing he did was cut a hole in my drywall. I was shocked and said to him, “you just cut a hole in my wall.”” He said it was necessary to put the system in. I missed the party as the installation process took almost two hours.At the conclusion of the installation process

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