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Report Filed: Platt College I wish I have read a report before going to this school! Lawton Oklahoma!!

I wish I had read a report about this school before attending it! I highly recommend anyone putting their hard working money where you will not succed in this profession. I have talked to the majority of my class mates and most of all of them have not made it in this career. I know of one who claimed to be a friend but I think used me to get rides to class, to home and well she made it into the dental assisting career. I do not know about the any of the other programs but I know for 5 years I have been struggling to try to make this a career in the lawton area and no one would hire me. I was told you have to have at least 6 months to 1 year in a dental office to get hired. I went to Platt and it was a 7 month program and paid 10,000 dollars for a career that I should not have even joined up for! It was my lose but there gain! I do not like schools like this if you are guarteeed to have a successful career and the knowlege to continue in this career then the schooling should be longer. I do not want anyone to make the same mistake I made. Do not join this school unless you know you are definally going to get hired here!

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