Pohanka Chrysler Dodge

Pohanka Chrysler Dodge Review

Report Filed: Pohanka Chrysler Dodge ,Service Department, Service department ‘gets one over on’ female customers, side-steps important questions, promises temp/rental vehicle but does not deliver Leesburg Virginia!!

This is my ‘Ripoff Scams’ as it happened on 12/29/2007. I am taking it a step further today because nothing has been done about the treatment and disrespect received, even after my husband and I both complained repeatedly to Pohanka Sales & Service departments as well as the owner himself. My husband and I have bought two Dodge Rams (3500 in ’06 & 2500 in ’07) from this dealership. Overall, we have been impressed with both in terms of performance. Dodge trucks are number one in our book and we have decided that it will be the only make for us in the future. That being said, I had to take the 2500 in because it has been running rough (vibrating terribly while idling, feels like it’s “kicking”” while in motion

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