Point 2 point autotransport ( P2P autotransport )

Point 2 point autotransport ( P2P autotransport ) Review

Report Filed: Point 2 point autotransport ( P2P autotransport ) auto movers, P2P Auto transporters, P2Pautotransporters, cowardly lousy trickster guys … LAND O LAKES, Florida!!

I trusted this company to move my car from Oklahoma to Texas on June 26th and to prevent any last minute hiccups i made sure that i signed the contract way ahead of pick up date in May first week, not to forget that i did pay the amount they asked as advance. The car was supposed ot be picked up in a 2 day window which was later changed to a 5 day window on the week of pick up. I thus had to leave my car with my relative and fly with my family to Texas. I never recieved a call after 26th form these guys and they never attended my calls either. I was left in the dark and at a new place with my wife and small kid, a new home with no other transport available and with plenty of house work left before i join the office in few days…these guys really betrayed the trust i had with them and made me go thru hell. With no calls returned in two weeks after lots voice mesages , emails, and the ‘online chat’ messages they have on their website[ dont fall for that, it doesnt work ], i had no choice except to find another mover. I had my time wasted, a lot of problem due to no transportation available, and high cost for another mover to make an urgent move of my car. Now after 15 days of the scheduled pick up date, they emailed me sayin my car is ready to be picked up, and hten they answered to my call that day saying they r sorry for what happened and wil return my full amount. Since i used my credit card, they said they will credit it back on my card for which i wil have to wait 13 days( why 13???). after a month i dint find my money back and they dint answer my calls and emails eithr. Once they answered and said they dont know why the money was not credited to my account, and said wil credit back soon again inside 13 days. Till now i havent recived my money nor are they taking my calls. I just wanted other potential customers to be aware of this big time cheats so as they wont have to waste time running behind these guys. I have already filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney for consumer protection and they have taken up the case. But still it takes a lot of time and effort to go behind these things and i will definitely say a NO to any potential customers who want an opinion.

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