Report Filed: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES filed dispute Norfolk, Virginia!!

I have filed three dispute, two by letter and the third online. Copy below. File a dispute related to PEP Boys account. I have send written responses twice before but keep getting your form letter. As I explained to PEP Boys and also Arrow financial NO MONEY IS CURRENTLY DUE. If you review the information from PEP Boys you will see that money due is realted to THEIR error. I received in the mail their invoice AFTER the due date. I paid the amount due within three days of receiving the invoice. I wrote them a letter stating that the invoice was received late. All of the charges you a trying to collect relate to late charges and interest on invoice received after the due date. Unless you can show proof that I owe any money, I want this removed from my credit report. I will wait 30 days and then take other actions. I see on the internet that there are many other people having problems with your Portfolio Recovery Associates. I have have detail of the charges and never receive anything. They bought the account from “Arrow Financial”” and I had already supplied them prove that there was no money owed. I called their office and have spend 45 mins on hold and never reach a real person. I think the amount is $127.00 all late charges and interest over six year period. I was have my car repaired and Pep Boys offered 10% discount if I got one of their credit cards. I saved $20.00 and have spend 20 hours trying to resolve a simple problem that they send the first invoice to wrong address. I thought everything was straight and them they just sell the account to “” Portfolio Recovery Associates”” and you start the process all over again. You file a dispute letter and they just send a FORM LETTER any more information.”